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company urbanReflects
company urbanReflects

Dance, improvisation and performance

Member of the Landesverband Freier Theater
Baden-Württemberg e.V.


Dear friends of the company urbanReflects

after ten years, we have stopped our work in Germany.

Our base in Mannheim has been closed, our storage cleared and the way in which we will work will change very much - indeed in a direction that has not been supported by the jurors in Germany.

We strike a completely new path, in another country, where work will be inspiring due to the maximum possible autonomy and self-sufficiency, in order to be most free in creating art.

Who wants to get a glimpse on what in Germany and its way to do art does not suit the company urbanReflects, or who wants to get a tiny impression on the direction in which we will continue to work, may read the
Manifest einer zeitgenössischen Choreografin
or for more details the
Pamphlet von Dorothea Eitel.

We are looking for a place, where we can do choreographic research, educate in improvisation and create sensuous dance pieces. If you want to be kept posted on our way there, you can follow us on our blog:

Viva el arte!

Dorothea Seraphina Eitel

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