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company urbanReflects
company urbanReflects

Dance, improvisation and performance


June 2021

Together with kunstbereit e. V., we are currently developing the Humane Choreographer Community. We want to create a world wide network for contemporary choreographers and also a virtual theater, where we show participative virtual live formats, but also hybrid virtual/on-site formats.

Here, you can find current activities, exchange formats and webinars:

June 2020

Based on the Pamphlet and the enclosed Manifest (revised version of 2020), we are working on new formats to to help shape the change to a more appropriate art-making.

Together with kunstbereit e. V., we are working at the implementation of the Demokratische Bühne (Democratic Theater) to establish a training center in Mexico for cooperative and co-creative work processes among artists, including co-creators and audience.

We also plan to establish an online community for choreographers around the globe. Webinars, exchange formats and interviews are in the making. More information is coming soon.

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