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company urbanReflects
company urbanReflects

Dance, improvisation and performance


March 2024

Dear human being,
the company urbanReflects disbanded in 2018 when I left Germany. I have not produced under this label since then. This website continues to exist as an archive of my work. Whoever is interested in my current work will find it here:

During the Corona pandemic, I used the time to write a fundamental book for choreographers. It is a treasure trove not only for artists, but also for people who teach, work in teams or collaborate with others. On 722 pages I describe

Neue Wege zur zeitgenössischen Choreografie (New Ways to Contemporary Choreography) - Grundlagen, Methodik und Werkzeuge für künstlerische Gestaltung und Teamarbeit (Fundamentals, Methodology, and Tools for artistic design and teamwork)