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July 2011

"Und welchem Gral jagst Du hinterher?"

(Which Grail are you chasing?)

A utopia-research for young people from 14 to 19
Workshop with dance, video and the anti-hero Parcival

Parcival, a naïve hero of the Round Table, is on the search for the Holy Grail, meaning that thing that's supposed to be the magic bullet for us humans. It takes him two tries to find out how to find the "lucky cup".

"You can find happiness and salvation, namely in this world", that's what the old pot promises. But let's be honest: Should we already be at that point, then there's still a lot left to wish for, don't you think? Maybe that little tin cup doesn't even exist after all, or it doesn't work or maybe we actually don't even need it?

Together with you we want to have discussions and debates and on the search for the really important things in life. We want to dream of a future and create heroes with today's required quality. We will build our own Utopia (originally "nowhere-land") and send our heroes out into the yet unexplored area.

For one weekend we will look for today's Parcival and of course we will also introduce you to some techniques of contemporary dance like floor, hip-hop, partner-acrobatics and also to video production (basic knowledge in dealing with camera, editing, preparing and shooting a film).

If you would like to do something different on a weekend - like dance and theater, film and fun, music and artists - then sign up.

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Doro Eitel
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Currently there is no workshop being planned.


Link to the video


Pictures of the workshop held on July 8 - 10, 2011 in Freiburg