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May 2013

Improvisation format

Observation (Foto: Roland Rossbacher)


at the Turley Thursday in the former riding hall of the Turley baracks, Mannheim

In the course of one week, the visitor was invited to observe, to interview,... five artists 24/7 in the former riding hall at Turley during their creative process - in a totally positive sense.

Depending on the time of day, he/she could witness phases of exhaustion as well as moments of extreme deconstruction. As during the week, elements, which reassembled themselves always differently due to their different durations, superposed each other more and more, every moment offered a new experience.

This monitoring provided an opportunity for the artists as well as for the spectators to better understand and penetrate to the construction of a work of art by means of the principle of action and reaction. In this way, the notion of art in itself became less abstract and more accessible.

Production design: Kristin Wolter
Poetry: Magnus Großmann
Dance: Sarah Jegelka, Stephanie Roser, Dorothea Eitel
Painting & Sculpture: Ilona Ottenbreit
Music: Ephraim Wegner (Elektronik) and Jan F. Kurth (Stimme)
Artistic direction: Dorothea Eitel
Conception: Kristin Wolter and Dorothea Eitel


OBSERVATION at Test Laboratory Turley

Past performances

May 24 - 30, 2013
Riding hall at the Turley area


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