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company urbanReflects with kunstbereit e.V

Hausbesuch (House call)

in cooperation with kunstbereit e. V. and Theater Oliv

Three communities in Baden-Württemberg that do not have a local theatre may rejoice: We let ourselves be invited to gardens, courtyards, houses, apartments, or whatever the residents can possibly think of. In the course of one year, independent artists come regularly and bring interdisciplinary performing arts directly to your home.

Beside Company urbanReflects and Theater Oliv, the following artists or groups are among those taking part in the project: wirhabendasnichtgewolltProdktion (Mannheim), Newkammermusik (Freiburg), seq. (Mannheim), Warte11 (Mannheim / Berlin), and many more. 12 artists and ensembles are looking forward to an invitation to a private household.

The project receives funding from the Innovationsfonds Baden-Württemberg.

Tickets for Hausbesuch are available at:
hausbesuch [at]
and 0621-15200586

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