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May - September 2013

Test laboratory Turley

and the

Turley Thursday

An experiment for art makers exploring participation in dialogue with the citizens of Mannheim

From May 2nd until September 26, 2013 every Thursday at 8 pm in the riding hall at the Turley area, Entrance Friedrich-Ebert-Straße (Tram stop Grenadierstaße)

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Decide whether you would like to pay money for the performance or whether you would like to make a deal with us instead.

Detailed instructions on the spot at the Turley Thursday
Make a deal:

More information (in German)

Turley Thursday on facebook

Pictures, videos, statements

From Thursday to Thursday

The collected weekly newsletters (in German)
document what has happened on Turley.

Voices from the media

RNF Life, September 27, 2013:
Report on the Turley area (from 0:30)

Mannheimer Morgen, August 3, 2013:
Kreative Spurensuche

SWR2-Kulturthema, July 2, 2013:

Mannheimer Morgen, May 23, 2013:
Transparente Kunstforschung

Mannheimer Morgen, April 26, 2013:
Neue Lebens- und Freiräume


Turley Thursday Mannheim - Ein Experiment der Company urbanReflects


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