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Documentation on Heimatkonzepte I - Homes for Sale

December 20, 2015, Heidelberg

Photos by Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder


"Life is built out of: changes, shifts, choices... the choice of where to live, with whom to spend time, how to deal with situations... Being open and able to adapt your mind, makes the word happiness become a big part of you."

"For me, take a spot in the street and make it my "HOME" made me realize how important it is to take whatever is in your way and make it comfortable to you, even if you did not choose that situation, or the person that is close to you, is not the perfect one."

"Just be aware, take it, make something positive out of it and shift when you think it is necessary, to find the development within you and your surrounding."



"I fold my scarf and place it on the ground. I lie on the stones and lay my head on my scarf, people around me are walking, standing, they react to me lying down, some take pictures, some smile, some stop, some laugh."

"Lying down on the ground I become a part of the city, I make my home in a place I've never even visited before. The people around me become a part of my home, too, whether they know it or not."


"Improvising in the streets without feeling prepared was a big challenge. It forces you to simply be in the moment and connect to yourself and what is around you."

"The resulting joy and easiness were surprising and made me realize how good it is to take a challenge and go along with things you at first might not feel like doing. The biggest reward is growth after all."


"It was nice to see how open and curious the children are. I think, that’s the reason, why they can rather have the experience of a good moment than a rather skeptical adult."

"Good moments are everywhere. We only have to be able to see them and be willing to perceive them."


"Every day in the city, we use public spaces. Our behaviors in these spaces are unconsciously directed by rules and norms. There is a way to walk, things you can do, things you cannot do. To feel home in a public space is to tame the physical space."

"Researching, exploring what you can do, what is your relation body-space, is just a children's game. It is a freedom that we don’t/can’t enjoy in normal times, as adult. As a black sheep, it attracts attention, because it goes out of a pattern we are normally in. Fear, ridicule, shame, or joy, interest and curiosity are normal reactions from the viewers, all arising from incomprehension. Why sitting on the ground and not on the bench? Why not, if I feel better by doing so, why not, if I feel more at home?"


"I was surprised by the many people who came to visit my home and to actively engage with me as I danced on a side road off the main street- I guess I must be a welcoming host ;)"

"Many filmed and took photos, asked about my performance and some even showed me skype calls with friends there - one man was phoning a friend in Asia and I waved and danced from "my home" to theirs via the audience's mobile phone! Home is flexible!"


"It was great to start copying people creating their postures and styles of walking. If we say that our body is our home, it was like stepping in theirs and feeling in your own body what that kind a home would be like for you."

"Answering the questions of the people with contemporary dance is great. It creates a language that can only be understood by bodies. It is great to shake up the normal picture of the busy shopping street."