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Olga Nosova

* 28.09.1986

Musician, vocalist, composer, sound-artist

Olga Nosova startetd her music activity in Moscow, 2001. She played drums with different local bands, representing prog-rock, punk jazz, free improv, industrial scene: Syncopated Silence, Motherfathers, Brom, Yad, Sobaki Tabaka, Vladimir Epifantsev' group and more.

Now she is a member of ASTMA duo (improvised project with Alexei Borisov).

Also she collaborates with many Russian and international projects, musicians and sound-artists: Louis Rastig, Els Vandeweyer, Peter Brotzman, Thomas Lehn, Miriam Siebenstadt, Olivier Di Placido, Dario Fariello, Giuseppe Birardi, Dave Phillips, A-Spirale, Sergei Letov, Ilia Belorukov, Volga, Notchnoi Prospekt, Kurt Liedwart, Edgars Rubenis, Thomas Buckner, Jandek, John Hegre, Pekka Airaksinen, Anton Mobin and many others.

Nosova is intensively touring and participating at different festivals, showcases and special events. She plays electronics, as well as a wide range of acoustic instruments and sound objects.

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