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Sarah Soethoudt

* 1994


Vooropleiding Dans Venlo, ArtEZ (2006 - 2012); Modern Theater Dance, Amsterdam School of the Arts (2012 - 2016)

Workshops and teachers: Katie Duck, Heidi Vierthaler, Liat Waysbort, Ohad Naharin, Anton Lachky and others.

Sarah currently works as a dancer and choreographer, and is involved in the dance collective Cronos, existing out of five dancers. She teaches floorwork classes, as well as improvisation workshops and theatre classes.

Starting to dance on a high level from quite a young age, movement has been an essential part throughout Sarah’s life and personal development. She enjoys all kinds of movement, as well as detailed periods of research, acting, and new physical challenges.

Sarah has worked with choreographers such as: Didy Veldman, Nicole Beutler, Chris de Feyter, Marie Goeminne and Simone Forti.

Currently working on a new production for Cronos, Sarah is working towards her development as a choreographer and dancer, but also wishes to continue learning more about using the body and using text, as tools to create performance and bodies in space.