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August 2013

Blind Date

free improvisation

What had begun with nothing more and nothing less than some facebook messages and phone calls turned into a face to face meeting at Turley Thursday in August 2013 that was instantly shared with the public.

The musician Olga Nosova from Freiburg opened the evening with a 15 minute free improvisation in a stage setting of water bowls, paper cranes and paper ships, witnessed by the public, but in absence of the four dancers. The latter in turn took over for the next 15 minutes in absence of the musician. Only after that did the musician and the dancers hear, see and meet each other on the stage and share their first encounter live with the public.

Dance: Annika Keidel, Dorothea Eitel, Julik Mkrtumian, Kirill Berezovski
Music: Olga Nosova
Stage design: Annika Keidel, Dorothea Eitel
Conception and artistic direction: Dorothea Eitel


Blind Date at Turley Thursday Mannheim

Past performances

August 22, 2013 Turley area


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